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Scott Consaul Atkinson

Scott finished his MSc in Conservation Biology at the University of Queensland in 2012. His background includes research on Spanish orchids and soil chemistry, remote sensing techniques of coral reefs, modelling the impacts of interactions of multiple coral stressors on future coral reef composition, and mangrove ecosystem service evaluations in Fiji; he works often with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

PositionResearch Assistant
Jutta Beher

Jutta is a spatial ecologist with a weakness for GIS, databases, conservation and coding and has worked for some years as a freelance biologist for different research institutions and organisations in Europe. She is working now as a research assistant for CEED, NERP and CBCS since 2012 and is handling and processing large spatial data sets, applying cost-effectiveness prioritisation frameworks to real-world data or using spatial prioritisation software to provide results to decision makers in the many ongoing collaborations.

PositionResearch Assistant
Hugh Possingham

I like making problems... and getting someone else to solve them for me. My group is amorphous and fuzzy at the edges. Happy to work with anyone that has strong quantitative skills that is dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity or like birds. I have coauthored with over 400 people and supervised more than 50 PhD students. We are outcome focussed and our work helped stop land clearing in Australia, saving 10% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. We provided tools and knowledge for the rezoning of the Great Barrier Reef and Australia's entire EEZ creating a reserve system bigger than 3 million square km. I completed Applied Mathematics Honours at The University of Adelaide in 1984. After attaining a Rhodes Scholarship I completed a D.Phil at Oxford University in 1987. Postdoctora ...

PositionDirector, ARC CEED & NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub & CBCS
Matthew Watts

Matt was a self-confessed computer hacker at the age of 8.  For more than a decade, Matt has used his passion for code to develop Marxan software, crucial for environmental managers in helping to make sound environmental decisions.  He has worked tirelessly to bring more and more features required by it's users to Marxan, now taking it to "the cloud" and extending it to be applicable on land, fresh water and oceans.  Matt has also collaborated with other UQ researchers to develop V-Track, Oz-Track and C-Plan.

PositionSenior Programmer

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