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Ruben Venegas

My academic interests are very broad, but I am most inclined to understand the ecology of coastal and marine environments and how we can conserve and manage them. Most of my academic and professional experiences have revolved around tropical ecology, marine turtles, marine protected areas and spatial analysis. In my PhD I will work on developing an alternative approach for systematic conservation prioritization that takes into account the inherent three dimensional space of the ocean, and on trying to expand the knowledge on how to account for emerging threats to marine biodiversity while prioritizing in a cross-boundary setting. I obtained my BSc at the University of Costa Rica, and have an MSc from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

PositionPhD student
Matthew Watts

Matt was a self-confessed computer hacker at the age of 8.  For more than a decade, Matt has used his passion for code to develop Marxan software, crucial for environmental managers in helping to make sound environmental decisions.  He has worked tirelessly to bring more and more features required by it's users to Marxan, now taking it to "the cloud" and extending it to be applicable on land, fresh water and oceans.  Matt has also collaborated with other UQ researchers to develop V-Track, Oz-Track and C-Plan.

PositionSenior Programmer
Chong Kwek Yan

Kwek?s research interests are in vegetation ecology, invasion ecology, and urban ecology. His current project is on the optimal planning of urban greenery and green spaces to maximise their value for biodiversity and humans. He is funded by the National University of Singapore Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship to be based at CEED/CBCS, the University of Queensland, for two years.

PositionPost Doctoral Research Fellow

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