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Country: Switzerland

My main focus is on spatial predictive modelling of plant and animal distributions (see Guisan & Zimmermann 2000 and Guisan & Thuiller 2005 in the "Publications" page of my group). Below the methodological interest itself, my group develop models for various purposes, such as rare species management, assessing the potential impact of climate change on plant and vegetation distribution, and invading species forecasting. Several of these topic are investigated jointly with the "Laboratory for Conservation Biology" of the University of Lausanne to which I am affiliated. The main local study area for model development is the Swiss Prealps of Canton de Vaud, a mountainous landscape (ranging from about 400 to 3200 m). I also work on the entire scale of Switzerland (rare and invading spec ...

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AffiliationUniversité de Lausanne
VisitingThe University of Qld

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