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Sherwood arboretum is a small area that has been intensively birded for many years, and over 160 species of bird have been recorded.  It is known as a good place for crakes/rails and little bitterns, but none are regulars.  The ponds and the river are the best place to spend your time (see guide below).  A good place for beginners as 40 or more species can be easily seen in an hour.  
If you see anything rare or new, please email me and I will add it to the list – h.possingham@uq.edu.au  .

 White headed Pigeon GlenFergus Wikipedia CCSherwood arboretum annotated list, January 2012 (.pdf 75 kb)

 Sherwood arboretum birding guide (.pdf 2.3MB) by Hugh Possingham and Mat Gilfedder, January 2012

This download provides a guide to how to watch birds at Sherwood Arboretum. A two hour visit will usually uncover about 50 species. Water birds are especially good if the region is dry. White-headed pigeon (at left by Glen Fergus, Wikipedia CC) is a regular breeder from January to April.



Where is the Sherwood Arboretum: (Google maps link)

2016 05 17 Sherwood Arboretum Map