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So you want to join the lab? First read a few of our recent papers – or if that is too painful then skim through the last few issues of decision point. If that doesn’t put you off then send Hugh ( your CV and a note about what you would like to do and why you think our lab is the best place to do that. Our group is very big, probably bigger than any other conservation research in the world, and we are part of two huge centres. That has advantages and disadvantages. For example we do a lot of work in groups, but the amount of one-on-one time Hugh has for any individual in the lab is limited. This is probably good as he doesn’t know much and everyone else in the lab is much nicer.

Lab twitter feed:

saverygo RT @muttonbird_boy: Looking forward to more news on Eastern Curlew research @Samantha_Vine_ @PaulSullivan_au @BirdlifeOz @TSR_Hub https://t…
saverygo RT @j_gilroy1: Most exciting idea I've read in a while: use bitcon tech to save the environment! By Guillaume Chapron @CarnivoreSci https:/…
saverygo Want to see how the @UNESCO World Heritage site YOU love is fairing? The data is available here! @grnfirescience
saverygo RT @grnfirescience: Green Fire Science PhD student James Allan is being awarded the Elsevier Atlas Award here at UQ
saverygo RT @prueaddison: Great interview with @cyclonewatson, a passionate advocate for #wilderness #conservation & #sustainable development! https…
saverygo RT @oceanexplorer: The #Okeanos crew explains how math is used every day. Math?! Yes! Essential job functions require math. More info: http…
saverygo RT @ShaferAB: MSc position available in my lab - mountain goats, GPS collars, and genomes - what more can you ask for? please retweet #wild
saverygo Society Is Ready for a New Kind of #Science—Is #Academia? #phdchat
saverygo The lesson here is Don't Feed Wild Animals! Let wildlife be wildlife. (glad the girl was ok!)
saverygo RT @invivoexvivo: MSc or PhD position available in my lab! Thermal physiology & overwintering strategies in fishes. Details:
MariaBeger RT @JezRoff: Mass spawning aggregation of the giant bumphead parrotfish - new paper out in Journal of Fish Biology
MariaBeger RT @ProfTerryHughes: .@baumlab Apply now for 2017 Simons Postdoctoral Fellowships in Marine Microbial Ecology, in Hawaii
MariaBeger RT @HugePossum: Learn about conservation planning and decision science for conservation @HugePossum before #ICCB2017 @j_a_mcgowan https://…
MariaBeger RT @ESA_org: Treetop-grazing goats disperse seeds by spitting @ESAFrontiers @ebdonana
MariaBeger Yummy honey on kitchen bench, phone, Lego, spoons, t-shirts, children: thanks @e_j_duncan for showing me the bees!
MariaBeger RT @dana1981: Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts by @dpcarrington via @guardianeco
MariaBeger RT @JeanLucSol: NE and government needs to invest in our seas to get effective conservation. A new paper by Rush and Solandt
MariaBeger RT @turtlesatJCU: Statement on the future of the Great Barrier Reef by Australia's First Nations people #gbrsummit
BeyerHawthorne Philae lander en route to comet 67P right now. Exciting moment given the odds of even getting #Rosetta there.
BeyerHawthorne Landowners destroy habitat to dodge immenent protection legislation. Conervation planning must acount for this!
BeyerHawthorne A major problem in conservation planning is finding ways of accounting for myopic reversals of protection. E.g.
BeyerHawthorne Slam on the breaks. We have it all wrong: Tony Abbott adviser warns of threat of 'global cooling'. No, not Apr 1st.
BeyerHawthorne Happy to see a woman has won this years Fields medal for the first time.
AChauvenet RT @RebeccaGelding: How awesome are our #womeninstem in Australia! If you are in #Townsville on August 12th check out @SoapboxScience @Soa
AChauvenet RT @prueaddison: Great interview with @cyclonewatson, a passionate advocate for #wilderness #conservation & #sustainable development! https…
AChauvenet RT @OutbackEco: Optimising the spatial planning of prescribed burns to achieve multiple objectives in a fire-dependent ecosystem https://t.…
AChauvenet RT @DCC_JOBS: How are you supporting the women around you? #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange @PwC_AU @witqld @kristy_simpk
AChauvenet RT @cdkuempel: No time to read @ConLetters issue on global conservation targets? Read my summary of @ARC_CEED contributions here: https://t…
AChauvenet RT @rebecca_jarvis: Hey NZ #ECRs! @royalsocietynz are looking for blog posts on your exciting research to celebrate its 150 years! https://…
AChauvenet RT @cdkuempel: I had the chance to join @ReefLifeSurvey in the Coral Sea in Feb-Read my blog post about it here #ci
AChauvenet RT @Phil_Baty: Revealed: the full extent of UK top universities' dependency on talent from the EU: #brexit #brexits
AChauvenet RT @SciGenderEquity: "Culture runs deep, and it’s hard to change while you’re living in it. People in power don’t relinquish it willingly"…
AChauvenet RT @larissawaters: So proud that my daughter Alia is the first baby to be breastfed in the federal Parliament! We need more #women & parent…
NRMecon RT @HugePossum: Learn about conservation planning and decision science for conservation @HugePossum before #ICCB2017 @j_a_mcgowan https://…
NRMecon Great seminar on next week @NESS_Aus
NRMecon Great to have Prof #IanBateman visiting @ARC_CEED. Come to his seminar next Wed 31 May at 1pm, Goddard Rm 501…
NRMecon Exciting @ARC_CEED seminar by @UniofExeter #IanBateman 1pm Wed 31 May, Goddard, Level 5, Rm 501 @GCITweet @UQ_sees
NRMecon Great advice for #scientificfigures from chemistry
NRMecon We've been very quick to categorize and quantify the negative impacts of nature #SandraDiaz @OxGeog Oxford
NRMecon RT @maritkragt: Today is #IDAHOT: International Day Agains Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Celebrating the role of #rainbowfamilies a…
NRMecon RT @WooleenStation: '..studies have found that ... taking lethal action against dingoes can increase the incidence of attacks on stock' htt…
biodiversityBD Big tumour data could save lives and reduce the cost of health care. Very international collaboration for betterment of humanity.
biodiversityBD Devastating but engaging news piece on the state of the Great Barrier Reef @Nicki__S #TheProjectTV
biodiversityBD And the winner for "best moustache and dancing gorilla-man" @Eurovision 2017 is... ITALIA!!! Good luck Francesco!!!
biodiversityBD Wow! As a teen, @BrittanyMWenger created a neural network to improve breast cancer diagnosis. So inspiring!
biodiversityBD RT @SenatorMRoberts: How should government spend $5 billion of taxpayer money currently used on green energy
biodiversityBD @YumMusings But we remembered another notable birthday! Right? Right? :-D
biodiversityBD Malthus introduced the geometric growth concept to legitimise removal of social welfare. Iniquitous in social science, indelible in ecology
biodiversityBD @YumMusings oh-mah-gersh, look at him! *gush*
biodiversityBD RT @TaraGMartin: Observed impacts of climate change - from genes to biomes to people @cyclonewatson @BrettScheffers
biodiversityBD RT @TSCommissioner: Awesome to spend time with 300 Australians fighting #extinction driven by invasive species today. Thanks for having me…
MattHHolden RT @TrevorABranch: Probably my most frequent reviewer comment: spell out the acronyms unless they are so well known everyone in the field u…
MattHHolden RT @YumMusings: This is what we all need on a Monday morning - #comedywildlife. @FunnyPhotoAward opens 2017 competition on June 1st! https:…
MattHHolden RT @psmaldino: I'll be at UC Davis on Friday, speaking at "Re-Computing the Social Sciences: What Have We Learned After a Decade?" https://…
MattHHolden RT @ftcreature: not sure Schrödinger prepared for this outcome 🤔
MattHHolden Habitat fragmentation abstracts biased towards neg effects on #biodiversity @HugePossum @pkareiva ht @DynamicEcology
MattHHolden RT @verge: These 3D-printed sculptures come alive under the right light
MattHHolden RT @MartinaDFonzo: Our review of how businesses measure their impact @prueaddison @wildbusiness
MattHHolden Conference advice-Treat posters like an advertisement for a conversation. Ideally <300 words. See ht @DynamicEcology
MattHHolden Enter a competition to predict the population dynamics of #penguins. Put your #math & #stats skills to good use!…
MattHHolden Apply for #SuperstarofSTEM Grow your profile, champion STEM, empower women @WomenSciAUST @AusSMC @ScienceAU @NRMecon
cdkuempel RT @tandfauthorserv: Countdown! In just under 1 hr we'll be here w/ panel @LiliaMantai @Vitae_news @researchwhisper @Pe_K89 talking about…
cdkuempel No time to read @ConLetters issue on global conservation targets? Read my summary of @ARC_CEED contributions here:
cdkuempel I had the chance to join @ReefLifeSurvey in the Coral Sea in Feb-Read my blog post about it here #citizenscience
cdkuempel RT @emeijaard: French Annoyingly Retain Right to Claim Intellectual Superiority Over Americans via @BorowitzReport
cdkuempel RT @Seasaver: Now you can season your plastic-contaminated fish with plastic-contaminated sea salt @hakaimagazine #…
cdkuempel RT @BritishEcolSoc: Happiest of birthdays to David Attenborough! An inspiration to many of our members and a driving force in natural histo…
cdkuempel RT @Society4ConBio: Will optimistic stories get people to care about nature? By @verissimodiogo on @ConversationUS
cdkuempel RT @AlistairDove: #Okeanos ROV is approaching the bottom at 4500m for some deep sea exploration! Watch LIVE HD right now:
cdkuempel RT @chelicresswell: This #app will identify any plant from a photo - seems like it could be super useful for #citizenscience! #citsci https…
cdkuempel RT @ARC_CEED: Tuesday morning #maths: how to decide when to put dogs on leashes @Kiran_DA #shorebirds #conservation #DecisionPoint https://…
kwekings Retweeted Dave Simpson 🌾🇪🇺 (@nemumDave): Time is running out for Madagascar – evolution’s last, and greatest,...
kwekings RT @nemumDave: Time is running out for Madagascar – evolution’s last, and greatest, laboratory
kwekings With tobacco and Silent Spring, businesses found some enemies in Science when before there had only been friends
kwekings Retweeted The Economist (@TheEconomist): What people want at the end of life
kwekings RT @TheEconomist: What people want at the end of life
kwekings China's recent tree cover gain should not be mistaken as forest gain, depending on how you define 'forest'
kwekings RT @LoyXecology: New poster: Birds of Urban Singapore! PowerPoint illustrations of native and introduced #avians #urbanwildlife https://t.c…
kwekings Retweeted Sivasothi N. (@sivasothi): Heartbreak! 90% of Cameron Highland’s 123 streams and rivers are unhealthy,...
kwekings RT @sivasothi: Heartbreak! 90% of Cameron Highland’s 123 streams and rivers are unhealthy, and three are biologically dead
kwekings Is "New Normal" in this case just skirting the term "Novel Ecosystem"? Everything else seems to be the same.
BonMappin RT @AmeliaWenger: Congrats @jamesecology on your @ElsevierConnect award for your outstanding paper on human pressures in world heritage sit…
BonMappin RT @_WABSI: "An estimated 200 western ringtail possums are injured or killed every year in the Busselton area" @WAParksWildlife @kingspark_
BonMappin RT @ABCTV: Our waste doesn't just affect us. 😔🐢 #WarOnWasteAU with @craigreucassel starts tonight 8.30pm ♻️
BonMappin RT @GuyBoggs: Deep thinking about the key factors driving the feasibility of restoration projects by leading WA researchers as part of @ARC
BonMappin I'm declaring the #GreatBarrierReef in Danger & calling on the #WorldHeritage Committee to protect it. Join me
BonMappin RT @Revive_Restore: Restoring a mosquito-free #Hawaii is a plan to protect public health and #biodiversity. Read the full report here: http…
BonMappin RT @EJ_Aus: So, about those claims the Adani coal mine will create 10,000 jobs... via @Rob_Stott
BonMappin RT @ConversationEDU: Corals on the Great Barrier Reef have bleached again in 2017 as a result of extreme summer temperatures
BonMappin RT @cdkuempel: Uni of Queensland ranked #1 in the world for #biodiversity #conservation! Not a bad place to do a PhD! @UQ_News https://t.c…
BonMappin RT @p_hannam: ICYMI: 'Barbaric' - Farmers rattled as Adani #coal mine gets unlimited water licence for 60 years: vi…
mainambui RT @qeemq: Presenting at Australia's Parliament
mainambui RT @AndrewKSkidmore: New #remotesensing vegetation index for GPP in @sciencemagazine Advances - an adjustment of NDVI using scene NIR https…
mainambui RT @AndrewKSkidmore: Scholarships for #PhD #postdoc researchers @EUFAR_science 2 wk course on #remotesensing essential biodiversity variabl…
mainambui RT @mainambui: @ITCAlumni @SIS_MQ great to reconnect with @AndrewKSkidmore during his talk @EnvScMQ on 'Remote sensing of Essential Biodive…
mainambui @ITCAlumni @SIS_MQ great to reconnect with @AndrewKSkidmore during his talk @EnvScMQ on 'Remote sensing of Essentia…
mainambui RT @NOAAClimate: What happens when ENSO's influence combines with other climate phenomena?
mainambui RT @emilysdarling: Mark your calendars, the next @WIOMSA Symposium is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Oct 30 - Nov 4, 2017 #coral #seagrass #man
mainambui @bluecology perhaps package 'sjPlot'?
mainambui @TheWCS @EnvScMQ @ARC_CEED training hydrologists & water managers in Iringa - S. Tanzania on using R for hydrologic…
mainambui @ITCAlumni @LibITC I dont..cant' access my own pdf
j_a_mcgowan RT @AmeliaWenger: Congrats @jamesecology on your @ElsevierConnect award for your outstanding paper on human pressures in world heritage sit…
j_a_mcgowan RT @HugePossum: Learn about conservation planning and decision science for conservation @HugePossum before #ICCB2017 @j_a_mcgowan https://…
j_a_mcgowan RT @ocean_panda: MPA News poll: Amid a changing climate and ocean, what can MPA managers do? via @OpenChannelsOrg
j_a_mcgowan RT @AnotherBobSmith: Our new article shows marketing could help raise funds for any species. Open access for 4 weeks
j_a_mcgowan RT @OpenChannelsOrg: Marine Spatial Planning in a Transboundary Context: Linking Baja California with CA's Network of MPAs
j_a_mcgowan RT @NatureEcoEvo: Your #sushi might not be what you think it is Tracking seafood mislabeling using DNA barcoding, i…
j_a_mcgowan RT @CITES: UN issues stamps featuring CITES #CoP17 listed species, rays & #sharks are wonderful reminders of historic decisions https://t.c…
j_a_mcgowan RT @OpenChannelsOrg: From Marxan to management: ocean zoning with stakeholders for Tun Mustapha Park in Sabah, Malaysia
j_a_mcgowan RT @bluecology: Here's how #MPAs change from planning to stakeholder consultation. With @j_a_mcgowan @MariaBeger @HugePossum @WWFMy https:…
j_a_mcgowan RT @fishiintheC: The #CoralTriangle is the epicenter of marine #biodiversity with over 100 species of Acroporids alone. @j_a_mcgowan @Maria
MorenaMills RT @CoralCoE: .@HugoBHarrison's research was highly commended at the Max Day Environmental Science Awards at the @Science_Academy. Congrats…
MorenaMills RT @Rare_org: How do we help communities become shepherds of their own environment? It’s simple: here’s our Theory of Change
MorenaMills RT @MartinaDFonzo: In this report we present the framework for our #biodiversity #impact #metric based on land use & sourcing location @bha
MorenaMills RT @verissimodiogo: Policymakers around the world are embracing behavioural science Nice!
MorenaMills A nice little video on behaviour change from rare.
MorenaMills RT @prueaddison: Great interview with @cyclonewatson, a passionate advocate for #wilderness #conservation & #sustainable development! https…
MorenaMills @lemurwrangler Hi Alex, I'm trying to get in touch about a panel session on conservation entrepreneurs. Can u please send me your email? Thx
MorenaMills @chelicresswell thanks for coming to my talk!
MorenaMills RT @chelicresswell: Getting #conservationoptimism from @MorenaMills's talk at @ICCS_updates: understanding opportunities to advance #biodiv
MorenaMills Thanks for hosting me @prueaddison @OxZooDept @EJMilnerGulland. It was great to finally meet your lab!
HugePossum The approximate value of #coral reef tourism each year is US$36 billion - remarkably biodiverse and profitable
HugePossum RT @DrDavidLRoberts: New paper by @t_e_lee & me on rhino poachers v managers & dehorning using game theory @OxUniM
HugePossum RT @MeredithCornett: Thank you, Denise Graveline from #TheNatureConservancy's Science Impact Project Cohort 3! #TNCSci #MnNdSdTNCSci https:…
HugePossum @DrDavidLRoberts @EJMilnerGulland My five rules for science influencing policy: turn up, listen, be patient, make f…
HugePossum #Climatechange #adaptation in action - Pines planted in northern MN coolspots @Nature_MN
HugePossum Learn about conservation planning and decision science for conservation @HugePossum before #ICCB2017 @j_a_mcgowan
HugePossum Universities need to step up if they hope to be real players in solving the world's environmental problems
HugePossum Quantitative #marine spatial planning job #postdoc at Leeds with @MariaBeger #ConservationJobs
HugePossum Pentuple bottom line mistake: climate change, inequality, human health decline, reef degradation, bad for taxpayers
RKRunting Sad to see Jeffrey Beall's blog gone. Such a useful resource! Who will keep an eye on predatory publishers now?
RKRunting Having a great time at the @oceaniaesforum booth at #2016ACES
RKRunting Congrats @kerrie_a_wilson - Life Scientist of the Year!
RKRunting RT @oceaniaesforum: Hear ye! Hear ye! The call for Town Hall Meetings is now open! Town Hall Meetings offer a sounding board for... https…
RKRunting RT @kerrie_a_wilson: An overview of our research on Borneo
RKRunting RT @LauraEllenDee: Why functional diversity can help #EcosystemServices withstand more variable #temperatures: http…
RKRunting Great new #ECR paper on incorporating socio-ecological systems into restoration planning @ARC_CEED
RKRunting Australia is now a global hotspot for land clearing. I support a call for stronger laws to #ProtectHabitat!
RKRunting RT @megcevans: New paper by the always impressive Jessie Wells: mapping impacts and perceptions of flooding in #Borneo @emeijaard https://t…
christhebirder RT @grnfirescience: Green Fire Science PhD student James Allan is being awarded the Elsevier Atlas Award here at UQ
christhebirder RT @TSR_Hub: Check out the latest news from the Threatened Species Recovery Hub of the National Environmental Science Programme. https://t…
christhebirder RT @CarlaWildlife: So many people in Brisbane marching for science!! #marchforscience
christhebirder RT @saswisch: #WSTC3 abstracts & schedule are ONLINE! AMAZING line-up & more surprises to come! #seabirdersaturday #ornithology https://t.…
christhebirder RT @PetrelStation: In just a couple of hours #WSTC3 kicks off, #seabird goodness for 3 days! I'm on at 17.30 NZT on seabird #conservation p…
christhebirder Amazing! Cyclone Debbie maintained an eye all the way to Brisbane. Getting pretty windy here.
christhebirder RT @HugePossum: The listing of a species is a scientific rule-based process #alternativefacts @Barnaby_Joyce @IUCNRedList
christhebirder .@megcevans haha so NASA is a trusted source on bible facts but not climate science?
christhebirder RT @Forest_and_Bird: An Australian butterfly never before recorded in New Zealand has been spotted in Canterbury. h…
christhebirder Just a reminder that despite media hyperbole, we were pretty sure Night Parrot were still in WA due to the Fortescu…
vivtulloch Unsure how to include uncertainty in planning? Don't be - use MarProb @ARC_CEED
vivtulloch New #marxan prioritisation incl. probability of vegetation variability frm #climatechange in #canada @ARC_CEED
vivtulloch RT @megcevans: Based on the volume and quality of her work I am convinced @ayeshatulloch never sleeps #ESA16 (or she has a twin...) @vivtul
vivtulloch RT @HugePossum: Which #coral reefs are a priority for #marineconservation when there are land-based threats #marxan
vivtulloch @HugePossum we need actions not hotspots maps, translates humans hopes dreams and fears about coral reef management into maths #ICRS2016
vivtulloch RT @bluecology: Oil palm expansion is huge in tropics - potential massive #ridgetoreef impact on coral reefs @vivtulloch #ICRS2016
vivtulloch RT @bluecology: Marine protected areas have been key mgmt approach for coral reefs, but don't stop pollution! Need #ridgetoreef mgmt @vivtu
vivtulloch Need to act now with the best data available to guide management action and prevent further reef decline @bluecology #ICRS2016
rubenvli RT @HugePossum: If you thought natural world heritage sites were safe, think again @cyclonewatson @jamesecology
rubenvli Complementing expert priorities and stakeholder preferences for marine management of Moreton Bay #MBQR2016.@NRMecon
rubenvli RT @JAppliedEcology: Coarse spatial resolutions ⬇ commission errors in species ranges but ⬆ #conservation planning costs

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