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The Possingham Lab is in the Faculty of Science at The University of Queensland split between two schools – the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Maths and Physics. All of our work is directly supported by The University of Queensland via administration, facilities, grants and research infrastructure.

Most of our research is using decision science thinking to pose and solve conservation problems. We do odd bits of field work – often on birds. We like using models to predict the future, and we like to test those models with new and existing data. We like ecological theory, things that change in space and time and inventing clever ways of extracting information from old data. The mathematical and statistical tools we use are diverse, ranging from the basic to the complex.

Read about a few of our projects in the Research Themes section or for a more casual introduction to lab work – read a few issues of Decision Point.

Most importantly we try to do research that has impact, research that changes the way that the world works.  Our work has helped save hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of woodland and forest and informed the creation of many of the world’s marine protected area systems.

Who are the people the lab?  Anyone who thinks they are in the lab. We have lots of friends, both in the two centres Hugh directs – the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) and the National Environmental Science Programme Threatened Species Recovery Hub - and in over 20 countries around the world. Many of them like to visit – lab meetings and talks are twice a week. If you want to join us, or visit us, go to the opportunities tab.

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Lab twitter feed:

saverygo RT @yashar: This is beautiful.....
saverygo RT @cjfas: To share or not to share in the emerging era of big data: perspectives from fish telemetry researchers h…
saverygo RT @washingtonpost: How to use your smartphone to photograph the solar eclipse
saverygo RT @NASA: Can't get solar viewing glasses? You can view #Eclipse2017 by building your own pinhole projector. Safety first!
saverygo RT @anttilip: Sea surface temperature anomalies 🌊🌡 #dataviz #climate #climatechange #globalwarming #ocean #temperature download 🎞: https://…
saverygo RT @EmilyRiederer: What #rstats tricks did it take you way too long to learn? One of mine is using readRDS and saveRDS instead of repeatedl…
saverygo @kenmjeffries Hey Ken, what's this all about?
saverygo RT @Silver_Fox84: This is a Portuguese commercial on racism. This is how to handle it.
saverygo RT @ec_minister: We will ensure our partners fully support efforts to address climate change. #NAFTA
MariaBeger RT @ReefConsUK: Fancy a #Hogwarts style banquet to celebrate 20 years of @ReefConsUK @ #ECRS2017?? Conf dinner tickets now online! https:/…
MariaBeger RT @ChasingCoral: Why Watching Chasing Coral Can Help Save the Planet. … — @WWF #ChasingCoral #WWF #SaveOurOceans #…
MariaBeger RT @PLOS: New @PLOSPaleo | Why Precambrian life suddenly got big by Dr. Isabel Torres
MariaBeger RT @arieannabalbar: A great article about science communication!
MariaBeger @j_a_mcgowan @RobHarcourt @HugePossum decision point is almost a telemetry-in-conservation journal with heaps of ar…
MariaBeger RT @ARC_CEED: Get excited for July edition of #DecisionPoint! @CarlaWildlife @m_dimarco @laura_mumaw @j_a_mcgowan @DavidLindenmaye https://…
MariaBeger RT @j_a_mcgowan: What is the value of our data for decision-making? A message from the field of animal telemetry ht…
MariaBeger RT @UQ_News: Also on this 1405 Chinese mariner Zheng He set sail to explore the world for the first time
BeyerHawthorne Philae lander en route to comet 67P right now. Exciting moment given the odds of even getting #Rosetta there.
BeyerHawthorne Landowners destroy habitat to dodge immenent protection legislation. Conervation planning must acount for this!
BeyerHawthorne A major problem in conservation planning is finding ways of accounting for myopic reversals of protection. E.g.
BeyerHawthorne Slam on the breaks. We have it all wrong: Tony Abbott adviser warns of threat of 'global cooling'. No, not Apr 1st.
BeyerHawthorne Happy to see a woman has won this years Fields medal for the first time.
AChauvenet RT @MattHHolden: Support online SciCom! great talks @ ECR perspectives on Future Earth w 0 travel impact @saverygo @iadinec @DRobcito @Huge
AChauvenet @SarahMDurant Thanks Sarah :)
AChauvenet RT @UQscience: Biodiversity conservationist one of the State’s new Young Tall Poppies @AChauvenet @ARC_CEED #UQscience
AChauvenet @Pettorelli Thank you!!
AChauvenet RT @UQ_News: Research awarded at #UQ. See what our Tall Poppies are doing: @UQMedicine @QAAFI @UQscience @AdvanceQl
AChauvenet @DianaF1080 Thank you :)
AChauvenet RT @UQscience: Congrats @AChauvenet @ARC_CEED and @DrHikov @QAAFI on your fabulous wins in the #YTPSAwards #UQscience #hardworkpaysoff htt…
AChauvenet RT @kerrie_a_wilson: Check out the potential PhD project between UQ and Uni of Exeter - including one in the @kerrie_a_wilson and Ian Batem…
AChauvenet RT @MattHHolden: Our article shows that too many env scientists aren't "practicing what they preach." Lets change that! @iadinec @AChauvene
NRMecon RT @EJMilnerGulland: We should stop exploiting unpaid interns; imperative to save the world is not a valid excuse:
NRMecon RT @SoapboxSciQLD: Until 4pm today on the Strand in #Townsville @SoapboxScience Join us for some fun and science. FREE event #WomeninScienc
NRMecon RT @TallpoppiesAIPS: Our next Queensland winner is Dr Alienor Chauvenet @AChauvenet @ARC_CEED @UQ_News #YTPSAWARDS
NRMecon RT @ARC_CEED: In the midst of conference season, how much do we consider the #sustainability of our meetings? @nature correspondence adds s…
NRMecon Deforestation may soar now Colombian civil war is over
NRMecon Looking for a joint #PhD position on #marine #coastal #restoration at 2 great universities @ARC_CEED @Leep_Institute? Contact me for info
NRMecon RT @qldscience: #GoldCoast 💧5 rivers 💧50km of beaches 💧500km of waterways Watch Paul Heaton on govt & science working together #makinga
NRMecon RT @nytimes: Republicans have begun what amounts to a shadow campaign for 2020 — as if President Trump weren’t involved
biodiversityBD @shornwell cheers Sean! :-D
biodiversityBD @ChrisOBryan89 @ARC_CEED @ICCB2017 thanks for the nice tweet! :-D
biodiversityBD What is an adequate protected area network? Protect everything? 20%? Or do better each year? Great symposium + talks @cdkuempel @HugePossum
biodiversityBD RT @CarlaWildlife: PADDD is often overlooked in conservation yet has impacted over 3200 PAs and 2.2mill km2 @RachGolden #ICCB2017 https://t…
biodiversityBD RT @LeahLeopold: @saverygo shares @sesync @BiodiversityASU work on cost effective decision-making in face of uncertainty #ICCB2017 https://…
biodiversityBD Big tumour data could save lives and reduce the cost of health care. Very international collaboration for betterment of humanity.
biodiversityBD Devastating but engaging news piece on the state of the Great Barrier Reef @Nicki__S #TheProjectTV
biodiversityBD And the winner for "best moustache and dancing gorilla-man" @Eurovision 2017 is... ITALIA!!! Good luck Francesco!!!
MattHHolden RT @UQ_News: #UQ expert Gilbert Price lends his expertise to this story.
MattHHolden RT @juliepackard: Great work from @ucdavis shows how marine protected areas benefit fishermen AND ocean wildlife: @…
MattHHolden Not a #fish or #bird persn but some guesses: highly vulnerable larva stage? Sampling hard underwater so flucs = art…
MattHHolden @asclnet @TrevorABranch @nickbarnes @cboettig Theoretically, @TrevorABranch correct, those could be in the comments…
MattHHolden Optimal #InvasiveSpecies managmt tips: Target big source pops, buffer zones costeffective & more by…
MattHHolden @TrevorABranch @nickbarnes @cboettig @asclnet Hope not. Brief summary required for those who don't want to replicat…
MattHHolden RT @hgcaceres: Conservation, a rich person’s profession? Young conservationists struggle to make it via @Mongabay @…
MattHHolden Publish code, even if poorly structured, incl scripts to reproduce plots in paper at minimum. For self promotion &…
MattHHolden Support online SciCom! great talks @ ECR perspectives on Future Earth w 0 travel impact @saverygo @iadinec
cdkuempel RT @DarwinFound: Zero tolerance to the transport and trafficking of protected species in #Galapagos
cdkuempel RT @guardianeco: Rare butterfly spotted in Scotland for the first time since 1884
cdkuempel RT @wuerker: You can judge a man by his monuments.... New toon @politico
cdkuempel @CarlaWildlife @megcevans Did you like it?? Get a lot done??
cdkuempel RT @ARC_CEED: Don't miss the latest edition of #decisionpoint español!
cdkuempel RT @BarackObama: "People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love..."
cdkuempel RT @BonMappin: #GreatBarrierReef already under enormous threat and #aupol aims to take away protection! https://t.c…
cdkuempel RT @GCITweet: Join us for a special one-off seminar on 31 Aug with Prof. Stephen Palumbi
cdkuempel RT @newscientist: Being ‘hangry’ exists: why a lack of food can change your mood
kwekings What is data science? Statistical thinking, computational methods, human judgement, and deep disciplinary knowledge
kwekings Working adults report greater happiness after spending money on a time-saving purchase than on a material purchase
kwekings "...the main problem today is not unequal pay for equal work, but... lower-ranking jobs at lower-paying organisatio…
kwekings The deep human prehistory of global tropical forests and its relevance for modern conservation
kwekings Academia demands assertiveness, which can preclude certain personalities
kwekings The death of another thing that had transformed the world: the internal combustion engine
kwekings Correlates of plant species richness and composition in abandoned plantations and waste-woodlands in Singapore
kwekings Fighting through the darkness: mental health problems in academia
kwekings Commentary on drought study that shows tropics take longer to recover from drought
kwekings Challenges of urban greening in Hong Kong
BonMappin RT @linearecology: Loss of riparian veg led to >50% decline in landscape diversity. Breeding loss 75%. Streams key feature to protect in ru…
BonMappin #GreatBarrierReef already under enormous threat and #aupol aims to take away protection!
BonMappin RT @Tony_Burke: No Government in the world has ever, that's right ever, taken an area this large out of conservation. #auspol #ocean https:…
BonMappin RT @MattHHolden: Policies needed to ensure conferences promote sustainable practices: @ARC_CEED @iadinec @AChauvene
BonMappin RT @JendallKones: @BonMappin shows many ecoregions have no chance to meet 17% Aichi target without intensive restoration efforts @ARC_CEED
BonMappin RT @M_Selinske: Restoration of marginal agri lands will support huge gains towards biodiversity targets @BonMappin #ICCB2017
BonMappin RT @D0CT0R_Dave: Chazdon—Despite common goals restoration & conservation (the two sides of same coin) they work in parallel rather than in…
BonMappin RT @JessicaMillerAU: Adani 'spinning roulette wheel' with black-throated finch #stopadani #conservation #sustainability #Auspol https://t.c…
mainambui RT @MQSciEng: Future humans are likely to have shorter legs & larger eyes says @EnvScMQ's Kira Westaway #natsciwk
mainambui RT @qeemq: Presenting at Australia's Parliament
mainambui RT @AndrewKSkidmore: New #remotesensing vegetation index for GPP in @sciencemagazine Advances - an adjustment of NDVI using scene NIR https…
mainambui RT @AndrewKSkidmore: Scholarships for #PhD #postdoc researchers @EUFAR_science 2 wk course on #remotesensing essential biodiversity variabl…
mainambui RT @mainambui: @ITCAlumni @SIS_MQ great to reconnect with @AndrewKSkidmore during his talk @EnvScMQ on 'Remote sensing of Essential Biodive…
mainambui @ITCAlumni @SIS_MQ great to reconnect with @AndrewKSkidmore during his talk @EnvScMQ on 'Remote sensing of Essentia…
mainambui RT @NOAAClimate: What happens when ENSO's influence combines with other climate phenomena?
mainambui RT @emilysdarling: Mark your calendars, the next @WIOMSA Symposium is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Oct 30 - Nov 4, 2017 #coral #seagrass #man
mainambui @bluecology perhaps package 'sjPlot'?
mainambui @TheWCS @EnvScMQ @ARC_CEED training hydrologists & water managers in Iringa - S. Tanzania on using R for hydrologic…
j_a_mcgowan RT @EnTembo: Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania
j_a_mcgowan RT @TallpoppiesAIPS: Our next Queensland winner is Dr Alienor Chauvenet @AChauvenet @ARC_CEED @UQ_News #YTPSAWARDS
j_a_mcgowan RT @wild_ark: Ever wondered what role elephants play in an ecosystem? As a keystone species they have very specific...
j_a_mcgowan A gorgeous video explaining the mission behind @wild_ark where I am the scientist in residence…
j_a_mcgowan RT @NRMecon: Deforestation may soar now Colombian civil war is over
j_a_mcgowan RT @emeijaard: Road projects threaten Sumatra’s last great rainforests via @mongabay
j_a_mcgowan RT @c_l_morgans: Not more, but strategic collaboration needed to conserve Borneo's orangutan
j_a_mcgowan RT @Bill_Sutherland: Exciting postdoc in Biodiversity and Natural Capital in Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.
j_a_mcgowan I'll be presenting new research on marine IBAs and their influence in MPA prioritisation #ICCB2017 in Cons Planning…
j_a_mcgowan @prueaddison challenges us to translate biodiversity policies into "clear as day" actions for businesses to protect…
MorenaMills If you're going to eat meat, choose seafood (preferably that is not endangered) instead of beef.
MorenaMills RT @yashar: 🐘 team work....
MorenaMills Great blog post and photos Jen! It was great to have you on the entrepreneurship panel. Thanks again! @BlueVentures @ICCB2017
MorenaMills RT @Bouyoucos: #physioshark is looking for a field volunteer for Nov '17-Feb '18 #sharkscience in French Polynesia! Apply here: https://t.c…
MorenaMills RT @UQscience: Biodiversity conservationist one of the State’s new Young Tall Poppies @AChauvenet @ARC_CEED #UQscience
MorenaMills RT @EddieGame: @ConLetters Jul/Aug issue just out Healthy debate about #forest monitoring data in #Brazil
MorenaMills RT @EJMilnerGulland: The Cambridge Student Conference on Conservation Science is exciting, dynamic, international, has internships attached…
MorenaMills The Grantham Institute @imperial is seeking 4 Lecturers. @ARC_CEED postdocs, join the Australia -> UK migration ;)
HugePossum Can Conservation Provide Water for Cape Town in a Time of Drought? Water funds can deliver multiple benefits.
HugePossum @Anita_Hochman @ProfPCDoherty Yes :), Crimson Finch, nominate race (Kimberley to western QLD)
HugePossum If you missed #iccb2017 - @bluecology analysed the tweets. If you think thoughts >140 chars, your time has gone :)
HugePossum Is equity the enemy of efficiency in nature resource management? @ARC_CEED @bluecology
HugePossum RT @sandiegozoo: Forget tacos. Feast your eyes on this #TakinTuesday delight. Shan Po is only 1 month old, but so far enjoys to eat, sleep,…
HugePossum Entering old bird lists into #eBird on a windy Saturday afternoon - all data is important @ARC_CEED @nature_brains
HugePossum RT @KatyScholfield: Hands off the helmeted hornbill! via @RainforestResq
HugePossum RT @UQ_News: #UQ professor says #zoos should move away from being visitor attractions & re-establish as educational facilities
HugePossum RT @MattHHolden: Optimal #InvasiveSpecies managmt tips: Target big source pops, buffer zones costeffective & more by @cbaker_research https…
HugePossum RT @LilianPainter: Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania
RKRunting Nice work presented by @BrookeWEcology on burning for conservation vs asset protection at #ICCB2017
RKRunting Keeping ranchers ranching is smart conservation policy for the sage grouse @Claire_Runge #ICCB2017
RKRunting RT @kerrie_a_wilson: Bornean orangutans in decline despite conservation efforts via @uq_news
RKRunting RT @j_r_rhodes: Our review of climate change and ecosystem services shows that impacts can be both negative and positive
RKRunting Sad to see Jeffrey Beall's blog gone. Such a useful resource! Who will keep an eye on predatory publishers now?
RKRunting Having a great time at the @oceaniaesforum booth at #2016ACES
RKRunting Congrats @kerrie_a_wilson - Life Scientist of the Year!
RKRunting RT @oceaniaesforum: Hear ye! Hear ye! The call for Town Hall Meetings is now open! Town Hall Meetings offer a sounding board for... https…
RKRunting RT @kerrie_a_wilson: An overview of our research on Borneo
christhebirder RT @Lewis_Variation: Reminder -as fun as this would be, it'll invalidate ur vote. Post the glitter to ur MP instead 😂 #Plebiscite #PostalVo
christhebirder RT @ultimatemegs: Classic @HugePossum less PowerPoint = more powerful communications
christhebirder Great talk on planned burning for conservation and asset protection by @BrookeWEcology from @grnfirescience at…
christhebirder RT @NRMecon: #cost-efficiency tools to support funding allocation @saverygo @ARC_CEED @ASU #ICCB2017
christhebirder My poster on threatened species listing was up today at #ICCB2017. If you missed out there are copies available at the @ARC_CEED booth
christhebirder RT @JaszzyJas: Lots of great @ARC_CEED posters out there this afternoon! #ICCB2017
christhebirder .@BAlexSimmons talking about panic clearing and regional patterns in land clearing at #ICCB2017
christhebirder RT @JendallKones: @BonMappin shows many ecoregions have no chance to meet 17% Aichi target without intensive restoration efforts @ARC_CEED
vivtulloch Unsure how to include uncertainty in planning? Don't be - use MarProb @ARC_CEED
vivtulloch New #marxan prioritisation incl. probability of vegetation variability frm #climatechange in #canada @ARC_CEED
vivtulloch RT @megcevans: Based on the volume and quality of her work I am convinced @ayeshatulloch never sleeps #ESA16 (or she has a twin...) @vivtul
vivtulloch RT @HugePossum: Which #coral reefs are a priority for #marineconservation when there are land-based threats #marxan
vivtulloch @HugePossum we need actions not hotspots maps, translates humans hopes dreams and fears about coral reef management into maths #ICRS2016
vivtulloch RT @bluecology: Oil palm expansion is huge in tropics - potential massive #ridgetoreef impact on coral reefs @vivtulloch #ICRS2016
vivtulloch RT @bluecology: Marine protected areas have been key mgmt approach for coral reefs, but don't stop pollution! Need #ridgetoreef mgmt @vivtu
vivtulloch Need to act now with the best data available to guide management action and prevent further reef decline @bluecology #ICRS2016
rubenvli RT @BrendanGodley: Pls RT. Can companies eg @sainsburys be influenced by RT's of images of ridiculous excessive #plastic ? Aubergines have…
rubenvli RT @HugePossum: If you thought natural world heritage sites were safe, think again @cyclonewatson @jamesecology
rubenvli Complementing expert priorities and stakeholder preferences for marine management of Moreton Bay #MBQR2016.@NRMecon
rubenvli RT @JAppliedEcology: Coarse spatial resolutions ⬇ commission errors in species ranges but ⬆ #conservation planning costs

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